Terrence Tuthill-Author

Terrence TuthillPondering how many say they would like to write a book someday, before taking leave of this place called Earth, I made a decision.  So, I did write a book, this book, The Bend. This is my first novel and the sequel is now being researched and written. This site will show posts and excerpts from The Bend, as well as news which drives home the key points of the story of those who live their lives with courage and honor, and lead by example, while holding onto the rudder of a strong moral compass during this journey we call life.  So, Book Mark me in your Favorites and enjoy this journey with me.


  A compelling story of 3 families, and 3 Marines who become brothers. The 50’s and 60’s, the southern California surf culture, racial and social upheaval. Hard choices,honor, courage, loss and redemption..