Terrence Tuthill

    Persistence and Perseverance

    Pete believed he had some good qualities.  He did not go towards trouble or got involved with people who treated others badly.  His friends were for the most part the same way, although some he liked drink too much or do some drugs.  Not his style.  He wondered why he did not go that way as others would, and in college he sure had his chances to indulge in taking a different path. ...Read More

    Fathers Day and Turning 70

    Father’s Day has just past.  I got some great phone calls from the kids, expected, yes, but always welcomed.  My son Jim came up with a list of his favorite memories spanning from his earliest childhood to more recent times.  Tree forts made, his first memory of building a sand box with his Dad, a car phone before cell phones were invented, me being kicked out of a Pop Warner football game as a spectator, and more. ...Read More

    Memorial Day

    Today, we set out flags by gravestones at cemetery’s where we may not have loved ones resting, but many do so in respect for the sacrifice many have made so we can relax on this day, or visit with friends and family, enjoying the freedoms the fallen have given to us all as a gift. ...Read More

    Lives Resurrected

    Pete Thompson, Jesse Moore and Hector Hinojosa. Three Marines who meet in the summer of 1969 in the cauldron of Boot Camp training. Their lives were at a crossroads. Out of high school and college and now the pathway for their lives was now on their shoulders, no longer under the roof of the homes where they grew up and no longer in the care of their parents. ...Read More

    Strong women, good ladies of The Bend

    Jolie, Sylvia, and Sandy are good ladies and know they aren’t just some eye candy like ornamentation.The 50’s and 60’s still had the culture mixed up as the beginnings of the Women’s Rights Movement started. Many man and women did not understand or like what was happening and changing as the roles of men and women in the home was tossed into the pot of social change and upheaval. ...Read More

    New Beginnings

    The times we live in today are marked by division, rancor and sadly, hatred. For too many years the politicians have held sway over our lives. Increasingly, the government has become intrusive into a citizens private affairs. ...Read More

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Another Thanksgiving is upon us. Yes, family and friends come to mind as always. But this year, in the aftermath of such a nasty and historical election campaign, many are having a hard time focusing on just what to be thankful for. ...Read More

    Honoring Sacrifice Duty

    I am reflecting on this eve of what is most likely the most historical and important election in our lifetime, if not the nation’s history. Politics can be so divisive and difficult. I have strong beliefs on this subject, but my comments now are about something else. In my book the theme of duty and honoring your word is at the core of the story. ...Read More

    Fathers Heroes Family

    Labor Day today. Conjures up a number of things in my mind. Heroes who have done their duty as Fathers raising a family is what is on my mind on this day. Yes, heroes abound all around us. Police on duty each day protecting you and me, fire fighters who put their lives on the line to protect our homes and property and from time to time our pets, who have managed to get trapped in a hole in the ground or up a tree. ...Read More