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The Bend……is the book and novel many of you have heard about as I have talked it up for the past few years.  In our times today of division and conflict, this story of The Bend is my contribution to have us all look anew at our similarities, not our differences, the strength of family and the need of Faith as we move through our lives.  This work is of historical significance for Palos Verdes and the South Bay of Southern California as it provides insight into the idyllic lives of those who lived in the Freedom of the ’50s and grew into the tremendous social change and upheaval of the ’60s.

The Book has been available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other outlets…..So, WHY Crowdfunding now??

The Bend Novel

The newly designed cover jacket is seen on the left.  The back-jacket artwork on the right will be similar to new artwork but the story summary remains.

Mistakes were made as I self-edited the first version. Syntax, spelling and tense issues need to be corrected.  This has been personally frustrating, and a hard lesson learned. I have spent the past 2-3 years correcting and doing a complete rewriting of the entire manuscript.   Mistakes noted by me and others have been corrected and the work is in the third person past tense in the revised version.  NOW, I need a professional publisher to finish the editing of the manuscript, in order to make the finished product of the best quality and then promote this important story and essential premise that…Skin color doesn’t mean a damn thing to a wider audience.

It takes money for this goal to be achieved.  Writers, inventors, and entrepreneurs have used Crowd Funding as a mechanism to fund and bring their work to the marketplace and world for many years.  I have invested several thousand dollars over the past 8 years in grafting this story and learning and working within the byzantine world of Print on Demand publishing.  Now, I need your understanding and assistance from you all as friends and family to support me to get this manuscript reviewed and edited professionally, errors professionally fixed and the graft of the work completed and of the best quality, and promoted in a manner this timely story deserves.

Crowd Funding Project through Indiegogo will commence within the next 3-4 weeks. In the days ahead you will be given links to Indiegogo and asked to donate to this effort.  Details of the goals as well as Perks will be provided for each level of donation one may choose.  The upcoming video on Indiegogo when the project goes live and launches will completely explain the financial goals and details of how this all works.

I am looking forward to this Launch for the update of The Bend and will be open always to your comments and input in the days and weeks ahead.


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Crowd Funding
Donate Here