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    HeroesHeroes-Labor Day today.  Conjures up a number of things in my mind.  Heroes who have done their duty as Fathers raising a family is what is on my mind on this day.  Yes, heroes abound all around us.  Police on duty each day protecting you and me, fire fighters who put their lives on the line to protect our homes and property and from time to time our pets, who have managed to get trapped in a hole in the ground or up a tree.   Nurses and Doctors who show disdain for their own safety often, as they tend to the sick. Yes, many heroes are out there.

    But today I want to focus upon those who have chosen to stay with their spouse through thick and thin. Now, things happen in this life that impacts how a couple handles the things Life tosses at them.  Living each day in this life as we do our level best is not for the feint of heart.

    Some marriages make it, and some do not.  Things just don’t work out between two people for a number of reasons.  A sad statistic is that half of all marriages end in divorce.  But those who stay the course and raise their kids with pride and a sense of duty, now those are real heroes for me this Labor Day.  Even if divorced, maintaining the focus that your kids do need you, and you who choose to stay close to be a part of their lives are ones to honor as well.  Divorce or separation may come into a person’s life, but those who understand the importance of family remain close.  They get it.

    HeroesWe see too often celebrities and so called stars being raised by their moms and no word of where Dad may be.  They have children without the commitment of being married.  Some get married later, and many do not.  They are celebrated and admired by many.  But no real commitment.  N o wonder the kids are confused, and too often grow up without the moral anchor or compass they need to be successful and happy adults. This happens all too often in many families, regardless of skin color.  I am no sociologist nor do I have the silver bullet answer on how to fix this problem.  But, in The Bend, the story is told of how Jesse, Hector, and Pete somehow keep it all together and as time goes by each honor their family and its heritage.  Not easy to do, but they do it.

    So yes, hard labor for many, but a labor worth the effort.

    So, on this Labor Day, as we honor those in our labor force, let us honor those Fathers and Mothers too who stay true to their vows and oaths taken and remain close to their family, regardless.

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