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Happy Thanksgiving

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 Happy Thanksgiving


Happy ThanksgivingAnother Thanksgiving is upon us.  Yes, family and friends come to mind as always.  But this year, in the aftermath of such a nasty and historical election campaign, many are having a hard time focusing on just what to be thankful for.

The  United States is a unique spot on this planet.  Geographically it is in an ideal place.  Bordered on the east and west by large oceans and on the south and north by, for the most part, neighbors who are friendly.  Resources abound within our borders.  We remain today the most vibrant and stable economy in the history of humankind.  Our recent elections again give testimony to seeing the most powerful nation on the globe experience a process where the power of one ruling political party is peacefully passed on to another. No violence or military take over as the nation seeks new answers and direction.

So, being thankful in this season should not be difficult to do, right?  Well, for many this is very tough to accomplish, this being thankful thing.  Many are homeless, our veterans still are too much discounted in consideration of their service to the nation and the healthcare services they are lacking, but so richly deserve.   Our political class of the old establishment,  and the so called new one to come have a lot of explaining to do.  The United States is divided today between two larger groups whose world view is in great contrast.

Both groups, and many subset groups share similar desires.   Being safe, being able to work hard to get ahead, enjoying what our Founders said.  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  That last part was initially to be Pursuit of Property or ownership but Ben Franklin wisely thought otherwise.  However, to own something, a home or some other thing which is the fruit of your labor without the bludgeon of an overbearing central government in your life is truly pursuing and finding happiness.

This is America and we should be very thankful, regardless of the outcome of the election just completed, that we remain free to say what we think or believe, remain free to travel about this nation and this world without the permission of a King or dictator, and still have a future worth working and fighting for.

Be thankful for living here in these United States.  Be thankful for the freedom of speech, assembly, and right to protect yourself from tyranny.  As you sit down to carve up your bird or ham this Thursday as you gather with loved ones be very thankful indeed.