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Honoring Sacrifice Duty

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Honoring Sacrifice and Duty

I am reflecting on this eve of what is most likely the most historical and important election in our lifetime, if not the nation’s history.  Politics can be so divisive and difficult. I have strong beliefs on this subject, but my comments now are about something else. In my book the theme of duty and honoring your word is at the core of the story.

In Troy Michigan, the Detroit Jesuit High School has a group of students who have taken on the duty of honoring homeless veterans as well as others who are homeless and without family to see that at the time of one’s passing they are given a proper burial.  Noting many homeless are veterans several students and community members knew the passing of a veteran who no longer has a family or loved one, still deserves to be honored.  This kind of attention to others within our communities is the moral compass we see so infrequently these days.  The media will have a story at the end of a broadcast which shows a brief line here or there about someone, but all too often is focused on the tabloid news of celebrities or how a politician has gotten away with another scandal.  The drug culture is widespread among our youth, but for tonight at least let’s say thank you to the Detroit Jesuit High School and their young adult students for honoring our citizens who have served showing them the honor and dignity they so richly deserve.


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