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Lives Resurrected

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Lives Resurrected


Pete Thompson, Jesse Moore and Hector Hinojosa.  Three Marines who meet in the summer of 1969 in the cauldron of Boot Camp training.  Their lives were at a crossroads.  Out of high school and college and now the pathway for their lives was now on their shoulders, no longer under the roof of the homes where they grew up and no longer in the care of their parents.

Easter has just passed.  The Resurrection is what is celebrated and reconfirmed for all Christians.  These three Marines did not know it during the three long months of training at MCRD, but they would learn very soon it was the training there which would act as their personal resurrection, as each would change dramatically and move along to a new life and experiences which would mold them for a lifetime, impacting many along the way.

Their personal understanding of how each had bonded as real brothers, even more so than sibling brothers would ever be was now deeply imbedded within them.  Understanding, feeling, and knowing that each would do whatever it takes to defend and help the other is a deep feeling of commitment and devotion to one another that no one can understand unless they too endured the training of Boot Camp.  Christs sacrifice is a true window into this commitment to each and all of us.  As each left their training time and then moved on to advanced training and then to duty in Vietnam or back home as active reserves, the bond just grew deeper.  Their lives would be forever changed, and yes, resurrected into a new life of knowledge, growth, conflict, and renewed faith in each other.

The Bend tells the story of how these men and their friends came to understand how the war in Vietnam as well as the effects of the war at home stateside would generate new pathways for their friendship and brotherhood to grow even more.  Conflict creates wounds which need to heal, and leaves scars as reminders of battles fought and won, or lost.

Remember that it is a willingness to sacrifice and commit to something bigger or better than yourself which will make a person grow, and become better and realize their God given potential.

The Bend is not the end of the road, but is a reminder that we all will have challenges that may appear to be insurmountable.  But again, The Bend is not the end, but a doorway to new beginnings and a full life ahead.