The Bend

Three families live just 20 miles from each other, but they might as well be living on different planets.

The Hood of South Central and Barrio of East LA mix and collide with the privileged beach communities of West Los Angeles in the times of meteoric change chronicled in the 1950’s and 60’s. The bend is a memoir of one boy living with his family on the beach among the surf culture of the 50’s, surf pioneers who were called bums by many, including his strict parents, but went on to build a multi-million dollar global industry.

Pete Thompson enjoyed the freedom of the beach and ocean every day, while in South Central. Jesse Moore and his family had things a little different. As well, in the Barrio of East LA, Hector Hinojosa did not get those cooling ocean breezes like Pete, and the summers there, as with Jesse living just off 46th and South Central Ave remained hot and thick with the prospects of no future on the streets of inner-city Los Angeles.

The Bend is what America was and evolved into during the tumult of these years. It is our story, the story of our America.